Best Spa Steam Generator

How to Choose a Good Steam Generator?


Do you have some trouble with the spa and its dry heat? So you have decided to build a spa at home in order to enjoy the benefits of the wet heat. If in the past water was thrown on white-hot stones, the steam shower is now produced using electric generators. But you still have to choose this device correctly. Here are some tips and tricks in this regard, so that you do not go wrong.

Installed by a professional electrician and plumber to comply with the current regulations, the steam generator is connected to the city network. Cold water enters the generator to be heated by passing, depending on the type of steam generator you have chosen on resistors or electrodes. The water then becomes steam and is then propelled into your spa or bathroom.

The steam generator will be installed near your steam room, but depending on the configuration of your home, you can move it up to 10m approximately. In general, it will be in a dry and ventilated room, adjacent to the steam room, so that the duct bringing the steam passes through the partition. Your steam generator will be regulated by a remote control or through a dashboard. This will determine the desired temperature and humidity, as well as the duration of your wet heat session.

The choice of steam generator will depend on two main parameters. You will have to, first of all, take into account the size of your steam room. The larger it is, the greater the power of your steam generator will be required. But this power will also depend on the material you use for its coating. Glass, concrete or mosaic do not react identically to water vapor. Anyway, make sure that your bathroom is perfectly sealed, as well as well insulated thermally. The steam generators for private use have a power that can vary from 4Kw to 9Kw.

In addition to the determining factors of the size and the material of your steam room or bathroom, you can also direct your choice according to the peculiarities specific to the various steam generators. You can opt for a steam generator that has a limescale removal system, which will ensure a longer life for your device. On the other hand, some steam generators have an automatic draining system, which prevents water from stagnating in the unit, and the hygiene of your place will be better preserved. To have the best steam generator, simply go for SteamSpa steam generator.